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We did what love does;
You were there and saw and helped me, Lord.

Then, like David, I arose and washed my face,
Thanked You for Your grace, believed Your Word.

The days are past
For claiming healing, searching for relief,
For comforting and putting on the smile
When responding to brave jauntiness forbade my grief.

The days have come
For praising You for still more grace,
For taking Your dear child home,
Giving me strength to meet each day to come,
And rejoicing that he looks into Your face.

Your Word brings peace;
You’re the husband of the widow,
Father of the fatherless too,
Grandfather, perhaps, to those whose loving
“Papa” hugs have ceased.

You let me know that even before the Wedding Feast,
I’m Your dear child and also in a Husband’s care by You.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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