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By Grace

Grief and joy walk hand in glove;
Life is a marvel in all its ways,
The many sides of love bring tears
That mingle with our shouts of praise.

The love of God with comfort sweet,
Hands of children and hearts of friends
Join to strengthen dragging feet
And share as sorrow and victory blend.

To know the one whose life was shared
Is in the Hands we’d trust with all,
And those same Hands are holding me,
A guiding light, protecting wall.

The lessons that were learned live on
The times we danced or grimly trod,
When differing perceptions challenged the calm,
Unlike bents, deepened trust in God.

To savor another’s victory
Or sorrow in their struggle or their loss,
The crucible can be perceived,
Grace letting us cast out the dross.

Only God’s grace can take the pain,
The contradiction of my plans,
Allow enough of letting go
that I may glimpse His loving hand.

The struggles cease
Surrender raise,
God is seen,
Dwelling in our praise.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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