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Amanda’s Departure

The peals of laughter,
Multifaceted the vibrant glow
Of youth, voices in harmony
And anticipation of the thrill of snow.

The careful plans and preparation
To create such an endeavor,
Abundant enthusiasm joined
With praise and youthful fervor.

A rally, sharing spirit together,
A message gladly shared in word and song,
A diversion, recreation on the way,
A skiing excursion for the happy throng.

A shining smile and laughter,
Eyes twinkling as with friends she shared
Exuberance for the downhill thrills,
With more accomplished, more was dared.

A challenging slope,
With sparkling eyes and heart aglow,
She faced the challenge and plunged eagerly,
Sending up a spray of shining snow.

Her wake of shimmering crystal funneled
Down the path of her descent,
And shining eyes and glowing cheeks
Highlighted her countenance as she went.

With speed, departing from the well-groomed run,
And, still, with skier’s bearing she would stand,
Then—a tree—to us a deadly impact,
To her, the loving grasp of Father’s hand.

With shock, refusal, disbelief,
We received the word of mortal harm,
And just a truth to calm our raging grief,
Our lovely girl held in her Savior’s arms.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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