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Enchanted Endurance

City lights are quite a thing
When you’re four years old.

And, especially, when the Christmas lights
Make you forget the cold.

Enchantment is the very word
For the wonder in those brown eyes
Out-sparkling the Christmas lights
With awe and thrilled surprise.

“I can’t quite see the things in back,”
She stretched on tippy-toes.

“Lift me just a little.”
How cold her little nose.

The sub-zero cold sure tested me,
Welcomed reprieve in a warm store
Lasted oh, so briefly,
“Please, let’s go out and see some more.”
So, dancing fairies, manger scenes
Rewarded our watching eyes,
And sugar plums, nutcrackers too
And elves and starlit skies.

A wonderland, a fantasy,
A cavalcade of Christmas past.

The frosty windows beckoned her
‘Til I coaxed her inside at last.

Of all the beautiful displays
We got to see that day,
Most lovely was the tiny girl
Too enthralled to pull away.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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