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Beautiful Sounds

There is no sound beautiful enough
No words meaningful enough
To tell you what Christmas means to me,
The gift of God that sets us free
Palm trees waving oíer the sand,
Weary footsteps on a rocky path,
And, in the star-filled morn
A newborn babyís cry,
The first and perfect Christmas gift.

The sound of children coming home,
The merriment around the Christmas tree,
The marvelous Gift of Heaven and gifts of home,
The joy thatís sweeping over me
Itís the warm and loving urge
That makes us want to spread the cheer
To those whose hearts are heavy at this festive time,
To share our feast or dry a tear.

To give a lonely boy or girl
A teddy bear, a dress, a truck or doll,
But, most of all, to spread the happy news
Godís gift of love has come for all.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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