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Egg Hunt

The Easter egg hunt will be such fun;
The children are learning to read.

We’ll write clues of how to find the eggs;
A little know-how is all we need.

By each egg we hide, we’ll place a clue
To tell where the next will be found.

They’ll get to make use of their reading skills
And think as they look around.

So we thought up fun and clever lines
To indicate stump, bush or tree
And put in directions, left or right,
How many steps there would be.

It wasn’t long ‘til we heard complaints—
Did we seek too advanced a plan?
Seemed they had such fun with riddles;
And so we thought, “They surely can.”
The cause of their problem soon came to light;
We could see why they were so perplexed.

We’d placed the location clue by the named egg
Instead of one pointing out the next.

By the egg on the stump, it said, “Look on the stump.”
By the tree, “Look under tree.”
And, the well-laid plans of parents
Turned out hilariously.

They ran pell mell and found the eggs,
With free, and childish shouts,
Thought as they gleefully claimed them,
What was the grown-ups’ uproar about?”

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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