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Easter Morning

Shafts of light through stained glass portals
Reward the eyes of those who early rose,
Flooding the waiting hearts of us mere mortals
With the gift the Father God bestows.

Gives life and order to our own reflection
As we hail the glory of the resurrection.

Again, we hear the age-old story,
Grieving women serving their dead Lord,
But, to their amazement viewed a scene of glory,
And sudden life came to a recent word.

Again, our hearts can thrill in joy with theirs,
The answers realized of long years’ prayers.

Going before the dawn’s light worth it all,
To hail the Easter morn and share in life anew,
Through the stained glass see the shafts of light fall
And lift our hearts to better, higher view,
Giving life to worshipful reflection,
Taking within the glory of resurrection.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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