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Arise, Jerusalem;

Come forth; behold your King;
Majestic, riding on a colt,
To Him your anthems sing.

Hosanna, hosanna,
The Son of David, blessed Lord,
And now, behold your King!
A few short days from now
Will come accusing cries,
And our great King of glory will
Become the sacrifice.

Hosanna, hosanna,
Our precious Lord, to save us all,
Became the sacrifice.

So, wave palm branches high;
Cast garments at His feet;
Jesus, though mark of praise or scorn,
Will be our Victory.

Hosanna, hosanna,
Our Lord, the precious Lamb of God
Is now our Victory.

Hosanna, hosanna,
The Lord Who saves has come to us.

And now, behold our King.

2010 Carol Morfitt

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