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What’s in a name? The image of the one we love to hold,
Anticipation of the warmth, the special smile,
Or the chubby, trusting little hand I can enfold,
Feeling pride, treasuring that innocence awhile.

A name? Responses that we’d rather not admit,
An inner cowering, indignation, dread,
But other names engender higher things,
A lift of courage, soaring; fear is shed.

A name held high in rippling stars and stripes,
Undulating in the breeze of freedom’s air,
America, the name speaks justice, liberty,
A promise and a vision all can share.

America, brave hearts and hands her freedom won,
By brilliant minds and determination formed,
By bold, assertive stroke of pen brought forth
And lower states of bondage gamely stormed.

Oh, what a name! The syllables express
Thoughts of generosity and choice,
Fiery fortitude and tenacious hold
To give determination and freewill a voice.

How beautiful those syllables that lift, look up;
Those who chose the name be doubly blest;
Its sound is what it is, vision and provision
For citizens empowered to choose the best.

But grand as that name, there is one surpassing;
One Who took on the evil of this earth.

With flinty fortitude, infinite compassion
Gave us back our honor and our worth.

Who set aside magnificence of Heaven,
Gave His life to make our spirits free,
The awesome hero of all mankind, Jesus—
Almighty Sovereign of all is He.

How glorious to be part of both,
America the name says liberty
And Jesus, the Almighty King of Heaven
Who is living to empower you and me.

One nation under God,
God bless America!

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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