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Change of Heart

What can I give Him, poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd, I would give a lamb;
If I were a wise man, I would do my part.

Yet, what I can I give Him, give my heart.

—Traditional song
Giving paper hearts to Baby Jesus would be lovely,
A touching symbol in the program planned,
But the carrying out almost met with complications
When, at four-years-old, he didn’t understand.

What can I give Him?
“I’m keeping my heart; the teacher made it for me.

I don’t want to go up and give it away.”
Poor as I Am,
A four-year-old, tired from all the practice,
Refusing to perform on program day.

If I were a shepherd
“Son, you know that they expect you
To give your heart to Baby Jesus with the rest.”
I’d give Him a lamb.

“And you know your mom and brothers and sisters
Will be so happy if you do your best.”
If I were a wise man,
A little boy reluctantly begins to rise
To join the other little girls and boys.

I would do my part.

Brothers and sisters anxiously encourage,
And Mom sighs, “It’s a part of Christmas joys.”
Yet, what I can I give Him,
Many days have come and gone;
Many smiles and tears have been a part
Of the decision that I thank God for,
Of that small boy now a man,
I’ll give Him my heart.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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