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Love on a Tree

Mother didn’t have much money to spend at Christmas time,
But, with merry secrecy she worked and for gifts saved every dime,
So her children could have Christmas abundantly.

It wasn’t obligation that made her do these things,
But love’s anticipation of the joy that it would bring,
And we all have shared her love ’round the tree.

Each year we decorate our tree with trimmings that are old;
They’re all filled with loving memories. What stories can be told
Of how each precious trinket came to be.

The loving hands that made them or bought each special thing,
Their glowing eyes and faces as their treasure they would bring
Are why we cherish love on a tree.

Jesus gave us this glad day when He left His heavenly home.

To come and live in this old world, He gave up His royal throne,
And we wonder how this could be.

But the Father’s love is boundless for souls like you and me,
And He sent His dear son, Jesus, to give His all on Calvary.

We remember it was love on a tree.

As we hang a shining star upon the highest limb,
We rejoice with thankful hearts for what was given by Him,
And how the Son of God set us free.

Amid songs and light and tinsel, happy gatherings take place,
And we give gifts to remember what God gave us in His grace,
And we celebrate His love with a tree.

“Happy Birthday, Jesus.”
And now we cherish love on a tree.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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