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Itís Coming

Itís coming; now the signs we see.

An extra smile, the colored lights,
The cutting, trimming of a tree,
Posters tell of special nights,
Children anticipate delights.

And so it comes.

Itís coming, though some are away
With duty on a far-off shore
Who think of coming Christmas Day.

And some at home yearn all the more.

Some hearts ache; some hearts soar.

Still it comes.

Relentlessly, as ages roll,
Confirmed again a promise kept,
Who came here to redeem the soul
In glory while the people slept.

Hope into hearts longing crept.

Though king oppose and killing chose,
Still He came
A baby? How God chose to save
A fickle and rebellious world,
In the night, the gift He gave
While shepherds shook and star unfurled.

Though evil all its might had hurled
And Godís will flaunted, yet undaunted,
Still He came.

Men of honesty face strife
While those who cheat succeed.

Some who live an easy life
Ignore the abject need,
To the promise give no heed.

Good spurned and hated, but unabated,
So pass the days as we prepare
To celebrate with song and gift,
With dear ones and some needy share.

The celebration our hearts lift,
And pray the world to goodness shift
Merriment uproarious, honoring the glorious,
And Christmas comes.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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