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Sing You Home

Let me sing you home, Darling;
The roadís been so painful and long.

I hope it would be a little easier
Brushed by the wings of a song.

How many times we sang the way home;
Some times you listened, some times sang along.

And the journey was shortened in laughter and love
Blessed by the sharing of song.

Now, youíve trudged the path of struggle and pain,
Giving your best with a smile,
Keeping your chin up, giving me cheer,
Sharing strength from above; itís your style.

Though it wrenches the heart to whisper, ďGood-bye,Ē
To the lover and dear friend Iíve known,
Could be, youíre being ushered into Godís presence,
And, our Saviorís face to you shown,
What a privilege to hold you and show you my love
And sing my brave darling home.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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