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Putting Away Christmas?

Christmas is put away in boxes.

Does the inspired generosity live on?
The hope, the warmth, the wish to spread it all around,
Can we express it when the tinsel’s gone?
The manger scene is tucked away in tissue;
The busy-ness of life takes up its pace.

Does the love of Christ bear on each daily issue
As we live the duties and the pleasures of the days?
The bells no longer ring on every corner;
The laughter of the family dinner fades.

A spark may gleam and blaze up in the afterglow,
Fueling the beginning hearts have made.

The Christmas tree is stripped of decoration,
Ready to crackle in a lively fire.

Are the flames of Christmas growing still within us,
Helping us to live as we’re inspired?
So, we strongly hope that later,
The consummation of our glowing plans we’ll view.

We can, yes we can, for our Creator
Can work in us both to will and do.

To follow on, each step in the direction
Of the goal God’s gift inspired in our hearts,
Because of joyful Christmas recollections,
We’ll see differently the way to do our part.

Choosing step-by-step, the prompting of our Savior,
It’s day-by-day some kind deed now and then.

And we’ll see the happy change in our behavior
Next year when Christmas things come out again.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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