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Snow and Soul

Across fields, down the valley cold winds sweep
While in the city, on the highway, life goes on.

In the woodland, snow and silence gather deep.

Alone, in darkness, someone sits alone to weep
And waits for waking sounds of breaking dawn,
To look out on the landscape, snow so deep.

From torn and drowsy thoughts the mists to sweep
And begin a day as time and life move on
And walk away from pits that could go deep.

When moving on is more than step—a leap
To meet again the line that’s daily drawn
And focus on the goal, surmount the steep.

Again, into the groove of an expected course to keep
Whose reward is action, doubtful moment gone,
A fresh, uncluttered view through eyes allowed to weep.

Like the gentle woodland, walking out in peace so deep
And join the action of the workday and move on,
Wondering at the beauty of the snow’s vast sweep
And, again, to the path of purpose keep.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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