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Ah, the site we dreamed to own
Had nature’s charm galore,
Trees of every size and shape
Flowers, ferns on the forest floor.

How to tame that lovely hill
Enough to make a home,
Keep the ambiance of nature
And still make it our own.

With building and backfill complete,
The time was now at hand
To landscape it in such a way
To have our dreamed-of land.

Grasses that love the sun or shade,
Lush lawn to mow and groom,
A glass expanse facing the trees
Brings nature in the room.

Now, when we mow and keep it neat,
Our orderly side to please,
We’ve decided to leave spots and strips
Of wildflowers between the trees.

And, when we work around our lawn
Or sit back and take our ease,
We feel nature’s hand in the strips and spots
Of wildflowers between the trees.

A precious child that we so love,
Shining face, engaging grin,
Can become more of what’s meant to be
With caring discipline.

Still children need the space allowed
To imagine and to dream,
To gaze up in a fluttering tree,
Toss pebbles in a stream.

So, now, the life that they may live,
Both order and freedom to please,
In their spirits, may they have spots
Of wildflowers between the trees.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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