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The Ancient Bagel

Itís sitting in my toaster;
Iím hoping for the best.

Itís been a long time in the fridge,
Not eaten with the rest.

It just got left there on its plate
When the company was gone.

Seems that no one ever likes
To pick up the last one.

Iím looking for the cream cheese,
Hoping itís still fresh,
That my morning snack has not
Gone the way of all flesh.

After having company, the fridge
Gets filled to the max.

Things in front get used up,
Not so with things in back.

So it was with this small bagel
And its topping of cream cheese,
Closed in their respective baggies,
Waiting for some taste to please.

I say, ďThank you,Ē to that toaster
And the seals that kept out air.

Now Iím enjoying my morning snack,
Tasty, if ancient, fare.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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