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On Dietrich’s Hill

We might not be back to school on time;
Noon hour goes by so fast,
Even if we rush and wolf our lunch down.

Our short playtime is always too soon past.

But the Dietrichs have a great toboggan,
A hill that’s so steep, and it’s right next door.

Even if we only get a few turns,
It would be well worth hurrying for.

So, if by chance, we got permission,
We gladly headed for the hill,
Snow pants firmly tucked into our boot tops,
Bundled up to revel in such a thrill.

Five or six of us piled on together
And then somebody said, “Now! Go!”
Before we knew it, we’d be at the bottom
Sending up frosty showers of flying snow.

Hurry back to school before the bell rings;
The second bell just isn’t soon enough.

Everyone has had his share of turns now,
So let’s all cooperate and do our stuff.

No one wants to be kept in at recess,
Writing series of lame excuses why,
Even if we can’t go outside anyway
Because nobody’s clothes have gotten dry.

Some day when your life just seems too busy,
And ordinary doings have lost their thrill,
Just sit back and picture you on a toboggan,
Whizzing down Dietrich’s snowy sliding hill.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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