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Taken In

Can it be that stars are sharper, glowing,
Framing the bright sliver of new moon?
Is the dew now courting frosty sparkles,
Daring autumn to invade so soon?
Is there more fog clouding up my storm door,
Hinting of the season almost here?
The haze around the early morning sunrise
Reflects glowing red from that bright sphere.

Do we sense the early signs of autumn,
The bumblebee’s lazy circling flight?
Thrill a little with anticipation
For a harvest moon to light the night?
Does it seem birds gather for departure?
Is that their late season leaving call?
Does the pungent smoke of leaves burned beckon
In the heart a twist to welcome fall?
Now the heart that would hold on to summer
Begins beating to a different drum.

Resignation? No a hearty welcome,
Autumn’s bright, crisp beauty, let it come!

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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