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School Again

Was it only yesterday, the slamming locker doors,
The ceasing of the chalk on black—or marker on white board?
The swell of laughter, scurrying feet,
And screech as cars take to the street,
The sighs of teacher shelving textbooks, tallying scores,
DQ and Hardees tallying what freed students afford,
And through the town was felt the joyous shout,
“School’s out!”
Incredible! The summer days are dwindling, just a few;
The sandlot baseball tournaments have passed.

The beach, long-closed, active once again
With splashing and sunbathing just as then.

For some, the specter looms of curbing freedom found anew,
For others, time to start, resume their sports, see special friends at last.

Perhaps, to see again if that shy smile is there
And speculate through days of summer, “Does she care?”
The carefree times or summer jobs wind down
And soon school’s ordered schedule rules the town.

A few more days to board the yellow bus
Or hike, books in backpack, to the school
Waving their good-bye to Mom and Dad
With firsts, tears may sneak through the glad,
For whom tricycles and tadpoles trade for minus and for plus,
And, it is hoped, to also learn the golden rule.

Some voices protest, some elation raise.

“School days.”

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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