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Singing With Dad

Without a song, the day could have been endless,
Our singing raised above the tractor’s roar.

A little joy—could be in busy-ness forgotten—
Returns as summer comes around once more.

A helping hand—young hands can be overwhelmed—
And that can be a heartfelt wish,
The muscled farmer stepping out of character
To help mop up a floor or wash a dish.

A four-footed friend can be just what’s needed
When one tries to keep up, two steps behind.

And I found even being alone could be so lovely
When astride my spotted friend new wonders I would find.

And so I’d grab a little time just for myself,
Feeling so alive and loved and free.

And, as she lazily flicked her ears, I marveled
That you would do a thing like that for me.

Much tenderness can be found in humorous banter,
The callused hands that claimed to teach the sewing art.

And laughing over my many one-dish suppers
Showed more than one might ask a tolerant heart.

God bless the hand that patted my back—higher or lower
And, in the course of living, helped me see,
We all can try, achieve, and leave some good along the way,
Though none are always all we want to be.

Without a song, the road would have seemed longer;
The miles seemed to melt away with, “What a Friend.”
And Irish songs and folk and hymns and love songs
Sung in the barn as day came to an end.

I’m thankful that you blessed me on my way
And were around as my life went along,
And thankful, that, because of songs we sang together,
I never live my life “without a song.”

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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