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Singing Summer

Summer sings in my hometown.

As frogs and birds and music for the proms,
Herald a season of marching in parades,
Of dancing in the streets and savoring strains of Brahms.

With honor and gratitude remembered,
Lives given in defending of our land,
Playing of Taps and rifles’ sharp salute,
Our hearts moved by the revered and grand.

The loon a haunting tremolo employs;
A katydid trills his descant strains,
Young people raise the sound of pounding rock,
Campfires host kids’ familiar refrains.

Gradual or sudden the coming summer heat,
A crescendo builds to Independence Day.

Skyrockets’ shrieks follow music of the band
Bright-hued explosions fill the night’s display.

Before its brevity tugs at our hearts,
While we savor cheer and tenderness that clings,
As the expanse of winsome days holds on,
We’ll join in the song that summer sings.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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