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I thank you, Lord,
Who gave us eyes,
Bright birds and blue
Of summer skies.

Who gave us touch,
Hearing and smell;
The evening breeze, the song
Of frogs in the dell.

Who gave our heart
The will to soar
At springís caress
Or oceanís roar.

The onset of
The twilight time
The soft glow of
The moonís bright climb.

And those to share
These lovely scenes,
With silvery aura
On earthís dark greens.

Oh, look! Though a storm
Is on the way,
And distant thunder
Ends the day
And heavy air and ominous breeze
Intermittently stir the trees,
And violent weather seems imminent
There comes a twinkling,

Through dark grass and bushes they arise
A cavalcade
Of fireflies.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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