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Sing With Me

You’ll sing with me again, I hope,
As you’ve done again and again
When happy songs we sang together
Sped a journey’s end,
And the merry children’s voices
Joined with mine as the hand of a friend.

Come, sing with me again some time
When the world seems drab and old,
And tensions build, we’ll conquer them
And warm away the cold.

We’ll make the world all new again,
Pouring out what our hearts hold.

You’ll sing with me again, I hope,
And your voice won’t hide away,
And treasure as I do the memories
Of another happy day
When voices singing in the rain
Shooed the gloom away.

The old songs of my childhood
Took on new meaning then,
As I shared my happy memories
With dear and little friends.

We tried new and different melodies,
Sometimes with funny ends.

Make a happy time for me sometime,
And sing with me again.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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