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I hold my children close sometimes
And soothe away their tears.

Sometimes I hold with exuberance
The joyful smiles and cheers.

I held each one at birthís glad hour
Long hours and months of waiting through
Looked in the joyfully awaited face,
Thinking, ďLook, Oh, look, itís you.Ē
Sometimes I hold their suppers warm
When things donít go as planned.

Or hold my eyes open when itís late
And, anytime, hold their hands.

But, it wonít always be like this;
Someday Iíll taste the cup,
To know the time for holdingís gone,
And itís time to give them up.

Though each one walk out the door,
Pursuing lifeís beckoning call,
And I canít hold their hands each day
Or keep them in our walls,
Iíll know that they are in good hands
When their faces I canít see.

You, Lord, whoíve held me all along
Will hold each one for me.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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