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A young man who exuded machismo
Approached a young miss most bellissimo.

His line cavalier
Did not please her ear;
Her answer was No with fortissimo.

The miss, though both intrigued and offended,
Believed the brief meeting was ended.

There is many a fellow
With behavior more mellow,
Not likely a favor extended.

Even so, in hope he would linger;
Perhaps a smile he could bring her,
If he sought to be kind
And her interests to find
And, who knows?A serenade sing her.

His interest in her he maintained
And from brashness firmly refrained.

So, his tone of respect
Had a favorable effect,
And a chord in her heart was attained.

Thoughtful ways, manly strength he would show.

She came to feel new fortissimo
By the light of the moon
To a romantic tune,
They whisper sweet things pianissimo.

2010 Carol Morfitt

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