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Hey, Brother

Jalopies, chickens, paper route,
Sweat and hard-won evenings out,
A ballad sung, a worker’s shout,
A swim in the cold stream,
Saying ‘goodbye’ for college days,
Mentioning my tomboy ways
And how some lipstick might amaze,
Maybe t’was a dream.

Well, now you’ve raised a family,
Struggles and bumps you’ve lived to see,
Acknowledged it’s the same with me,
It’ good for me to know.

You’ve seen the sun; you’ve seen the rain,
Even been heard to complain,
Through it all, there’s been a gain
As on through life you go.

Phone rings; we spar o’er pun and quip,
Recall confidences once let slip
Sinking ships, relationship?
What it was, who knows?
The time then comes to say goodbye,
Extend affection, give a try.

Life goes on, a smile, a sigh.

That’s the way it goes.

Brothers are a curious lot,
Their ways beyond my knowing.

Affection’s often best expressed,
“Sister, how’s it going?”

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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