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“See my new shoes,” she said engagingly.

She wanted to meet and be friends.

Lacking social skills, she did what she could
To accomplish her straightforward ends.

The years pass along, and she plays many roles,
Student, wife, mother, and friend.

Each hat that she wears has its informal rules,
So on these she can somewhat depend.

When the nest becomes empty, the partner is gone,
She must go on and find things that are new,
Unless the connections were strong and secure,
Expected patterns may go askew.

Sometimes gingerly, sometimes awkwardly forward,
She reaches out to find her own new place.

The options become clearer, possibilities emerge.

Can she master these new roles with grace?
Well, we’re much older now, perhaps past our prime.

To get acquainted, we’ve nothing to lose.

So now, with my savoir-faire social skills,
I say, “Look. Do you see my new shoes?”

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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