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Learning to Dance

Iím asking for wisdom to measure my days,
To grow with each new circumstance,
To gain new perspective, and move with new grace;
You see, Iím just learning to dance.

I closely give heed to distinguish the beat,
The pattern to learn and the stance,
Learn boundaries, freedom, step on no toes;
Please be patient, Iím learning to dance.

Though I want to stomp and to swing and to twirl,
I need to learn all these new slants.

With practice, freedom really can come,
I believe while Iím learning to dance.

Self consciousness hangs like a slow-fading cloud,
But this time it wonít spoil the chance;
Past foibles and clumsy attempts come to mind,
Remember, Iím learning to dance.

It steps on my shoelaces, drags at my skirt,
Makes me notice the displeasing glance.

But my heart and my soul override all of these,
And I just keep on learning to dance.

I love friends who join me in laughter or tears
When I fall on the seat of my pants.

I see that they all understandóor accept,
ďItís like that when youíre learning to dance.Ē

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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