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Blessed Dilemma

The shining chrysalis has burst;
The butterfly unfolds his dewy wings.

I watch the enchantment in your eyes,
And my heart sings.

And in the midst of busy days,
Godís creation shows its ways.

Only in the early spring,
Fernís leaves wait, coiled in fiddlehead bonds.

You touch the firm snail-shapes, surprised
That theyíll become the feathery fronds.

And mayflowers by the roadside draw
Us to pause and gaze with awe.

My mindís eye sees the piles of unwashed clothes,
The started dinner, likely to be late.

In the pond, you notice tadpoleís tiny legs
And blue flag irises for our pleasure wait.

We hurry down the path for duty calls,
Oh look! Woodbine tendrils curling through the gate.

Though I scarcely merit such a prize
To see the world through childrenís eyes,
The more of wonders that you find,
The farther Mommy gets behind.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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