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I watched you turn up warm, moist earth;
I spaded raked, and hoed.

I bought bright-colored, packaged seed,
Planted them row by row.

I watched the little plants come up
And loved them every one.

I walked in fragrant, fresh-mowed grass
And warmed in the summer sun.

I waited for the blessed rain
To moisten the parched ground.

Enjoyed the moments one by one
In feeling, sight and sound.

The sunshine, flowers, birds, and grass
Show signs of shortening days.

The rain comes down, spitting like fall,
And dawns hide in a haze.

I hate to turn my back on times
Of sunshine, plant, and hoe.

As you walk into winter,
I donít want to go.

An evening walk to say goodbye
And see the summer go,
And I, who love the summer sun,
Am kissed by stars of snow.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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