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With You

ďIíll be what you want me to be, Dear Lord,Ē
I sing, inspired, and I will,
But Youíll have to shape me; I havenít the power
To even want to try that hill.

ďIíll be what You want me to be,Ē I say,
And, just when Iím certain, I fall.

So, Lord, in the strongholds of my heart,
Youíll have to break down the wall.

You came in when I asked, just as You said;
You promised me life anew,
But Iíll need Your help if, short of Heaven,
Iím to be any more like You.

So Iím asking You to be my strength.

Open my eyes to see as You view.

And, as I grow, sometimes with Your help,
Iíll do what You want me to do.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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