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The Plan

Letís thank the Lord who had a plan
To use a woman and a man
To fill the world and multiply
To marvel at a babyís cry,
To become a family,
A woman He designed to be
A mom.

So each of us has come to be,
Through our mothers, this world to see.

Some who sang a cradle song,
Some lives brief and some lives long,
Some lives serene, some filled with strife,
Each of them has given us life,
Our moms.

The fulfillment that a mom attains
Is partly pleasure, partly pain.

Some have found a lot of joy
In nurturing anotherís girl or boy.

In every time and every place
A child needs a parentís hand and face,
A mom.

In light of day, at night, or dawn,
Weíve seen first glimpse of daughter or son.

Or waited years to hear that they
May come into our lives to stay.

They give our lives a different hue
Some bumps, some tears, some laughter too.

We see His wisdom from above;
Heís given us to raise and love
Our kids.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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