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Sing a song of springtime. Sing! Sing! Sing!
Sing about the songbirds on the wing;
Sing about the flowers flowering.

Come on, letís sing; itís spring.

Sing of summer picnics in the park.

Fireflies are blinking in the dark.

In the morning you can hear a lark.

Sing a summer song.

Sing a song of autumn leaves so bright,
Big, bright, shining orange moon at night.

Frogs go to sleep, and birds take flight.

Sing a song of fall.

Sing a song of winter, whirling snow.

Sliding down the hills we go, go, go.

Laughing at the snowstorms, Ho! Ho! Ho!
Sing a winter song.

Sing a song of seasons God has made.

There before our eyes and ears theyíre laid,
Senses to enjoy what Heís displayed.

Sing Creationís song.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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