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Moonlight Example

Some moonlight walks
My daughter trod,
Not with me but
With her God,
So special in my
Heart I hold,
As her steadfastness
I behold.

I often hoped that someday I
Would feel that close to One so high.

I’ve walked with Him through woodlands bright,
His refuge felt from fears at night.

But when I asked Him, be my Lord,
Things I remembered from His Word
Took on new life; new life was mine.

I could relate to that moon’s bright shine
She shared with Him those special walks
And feel with Him those heartfelt talks.

And sometimes , when my thankful heart
Knows God is mine, she had a part.

And, when I lift my hands to God,
She’s with me through the paths she trod.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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