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Like peeling an onion, it seems we live
A layer at a time,
Learn more trusting day by day,
See illusions stripped away,
Come to know that Iím okay,
A layer at a time.

Itís because that Power strong,
God, is with me all along.

I lose my fear to look and know,
Fear of where Iíve been and go,
Learn to know and like myself,
Each layer I allow to peel,
Come to know that I can feel,
I can love, and I can heal,
A layer at a time.

I can come to see your need,
As my fear is stripped away;
Defenses take a lesser role,
Love begins to take control,
To help me see that youíre okay.

I see, surprised, that I can care,
Expecting no reward to share,
And find a deeper self is there,
A layer at a time.

I find love replacing fear,
The needs of others to hold dear,
To my Maker I draw near,
A layer at a time.

Find acceptance growing deep,
Find my love now reaching out,
Able to set free or keep,
As with an onion, sometimes weep,
A layer at a time.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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