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Lawn Thoughts

I used to lie upon my back,
Hidden in tall grass
That tickled, rustling in the breeze,
And watch fluffy clouds float past.

The daydream times I had there
Nobody else could see.

No one could find me in the grass
Unless they stepped on me.

Iíd lie and feel the summer sun
And smell the half-crushed weeds,
See stray larkspur blooming everywhere
Wind-spread from last yearís seeds.

Today weíre feeling good about
The well-shorn lawn weíve made;
Like a smooth and rolling golf course
Around our home itís laid.

Itís practical, attractive too,
And itís well worth the care
With no unpleasant surprises
To step on unaware.

But thereís still a warm spot in my heart
For grass thatís grown knee-high,
The erratic zigzag pathways
Of the vagrant dragonfly.

Waving gently in the breeze,
A summer spiderís web looking like lace
And dozens of bright blue larkspur,
Self-seeded all over the place.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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