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Fair Time

Sawdust, shavings, forks and brooms,
Kids who can’t clean up their rooms
Become diligent as livestock grooms;
That time has come again.

Changing from blue jeans, some cook
Dishes with a gourmet look,
Make a garment, craft or book
As we did—remember when.

Welcomed by equine valets:
Horsemen find our parking place,
Western hat and sunny face
Adding to the view.

We’re drawn in by scents and sounds,
Hot dog stands and merry-go-rounds,
Festive climate that abounds,
Things we used to do.

Outcome of efforts of a year,
Shampooed and marcelled Hereford steer,
Barrel racing paint’s agile career,
Maybe a ribbon won.

A tractor pull, a grandstand show,
Lighted rides in rushing pathways go,
And we recall from long ago,
Letdown, achievement, fun.

The boy who rings the ‘strongman’ bells,
“What a man!” the girl beside him tells.

A hawker, “Win three prizes!” yells.

It brings back memories.

But now the cotton candy’s new,
And you are bid to join in too
And make some memories for you;
Just enjoy it, please.

The county fair is almost here.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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