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Cyber Dance

A foreign device itís been to me
From my initial glance.

I never thought that I would be
Involved in cyber dance.

Messages urged, as quick and clear,
While friends who held this method dear
Hoped to enable me.

So, now mouse, cursor, icons too
Vocabulary add,
Spreadsheet and database, both new,
Login and wordpad.

Iíve learned a bit to navigate
The simple offline site.

Now, ďthe internet,Ē they state,
Will render my life bright.

They told me, ĒJust obey the prompts.Ē
And soon Iíd be an ace.

I guess Iím an exception;
Iíve been lost in cyberspace.

The mother of inventionís there;
Orders I need to place.

I start to learn by trial and error,
Make use of cyberspace.

Sometimes I find facts just for fun,
My knowledge to enhance.

Now I am another one
Who does the cyberdance.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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