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Christmas Frog

The little froggy lost his way
Traveling in the fog
To find his place to hibernate.

What will happen to this frog?
While friends and family hopped right on,
Finding nice mud in a bog,
This little froggy stumbled on
A hollow beneath a log.

Soon fast asleep, he didn’t know
his mud stuck to a tree
That grew against the log he found
To sleep safe as could be.

The froggy noticed suddenly
That someone pulled out the tree;
The mud in which he slept was put
In someone’s SUV.

He clung fast to his bit of mud
And with the tree went in
And found himself in a warm house
With colors bright all trimmed.

Look! a little fellow cried,
And all looked on agog.

There on the Christmas tree they saw
The brilliant sea-green frog.

So he sat on the Christmas tree
With tinsel and Yule log.

Now the family e’er recalls
Their shiny Christmas frog.

Junior’s new terrarium
became his winter home.

On flies and bugs and goldfish food
He’d feast ’til spring would come.

When springtime came, they took him home
To his old friends in the bog.

They were thrilled to have a friend
Who’d been a Christmas frog.

If things aren’t just the way you want
When Christmas comes this year,
You, too, like Froggy, can be used
To bring others Christmas cheer.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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