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Banners Again

Diapers waving on the line,
Rippling and billowing in the sunshine
Always made me feel so good,
Little banners of motherhood.

The time seemed so distant when, children grown,
Daddy and I would live here alone.

My memories would be of the joys
Of soft, sweet, cuddly girls and boys.

Forget any quarrels, pain, or tears,
Rushed, hectic days, fast-passing years.

And remember the eyelashes on the cheek
And dimpled fingers hiding a peek.

The ruffled skirts and frilly hats,
Or white knuckles clenched on baseball bats.

Of bedtimes when sweet angels lay
Where so recently ruffians had been at play.

The year have gone; the time has come.

Four fledglings from the nest have flown.

We’ve been blessed as we hadn’t bargained for;
There are diapers on the line once more.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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