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A Friend At Hand

Youíve gone beyond the clouds, they say,
And so we look up when we pray;
And yet, when people show they care,
I feel Your presence surely there.

When man protects his brotherís right,
Youíre there with him in Godly might.

When neighbors lend a helping hand
To him who needs support to stand;
When man decries the cruel war
When words of reason might do more;
When we feel anger for whatís not fair
And are moved our sustenance to share
With suffering brother near or far;
Youíre here and not beyond some star.

When in some way I do my part,
I feel you there within my heart.

Whenever a wasted, broken soul
Is helped to make a life thatís whole
And gives of self that others may
Share a happy, worthwhile day;
When a person for another strives,
Youíre there working in their lives.

When man strives to keep his brother free,
I feel You very close to me.

©2010 Carol Morfitt

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